"Be Inspired" Team Development Timeout

This experiential Leadership Stage Team Development workshop is designed as a retreat or time-out experience for individuals in leadership roles, for leadership teams or for newly formed teams. 

It is a unique, powerful learning experience exploring the human dimensions of leading. 

Leaders explore through practical exercises and reflection some of the most powerful dilemmas and challenges that confront anyone in a leadership role.  It explores and strengthens individual and group EQ and other key leadership qualities, behaviours, core values and mindsets necessary for great leadership. It works powerfully as an experience for leadership teams. 

This is a workshop using mime theatre performance techniques, selected biography, case studies, poetry, dramatic texts and other literature to provide a truly transformational experience. If a client chooses, it can be linked to a particular business issue or challenge.

The approach encourages fresh insights and new wisdom about the dilemmas of leading. 

It can also be used to further strengthen your team’s ability to exhibit trust, re-energize, think outside the box, build collaboration, exercise independent & team judgment, grow emotional and social intelligence, leverage each other’s strengths, and develop a deeper understanding and respect for each other and their potential as a group.

It is offered as a tailored stand alone program, or as part of a company training program or corporate retreat. 

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